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Home staging a condo and the terrible twos

Home staging isn’t just for houses.  Proper staging is an effective tool for marketing and selling condominium homes too. Read more

When the wait is too great

Sometimes people just can’t put their lives on hold waiting for their for-sale home to sell. Read more

Protect Grandma’s China

Use flattened out coffee filters in between your good dishes as you stack them.  This will prevent scratches and keep your heirlooms looking pretty for generations to come!

Could she be the Mario Andretti of Home Staging?

One of the best parts about being in the home staging industry is watching how people react when I tell them what I do. Read more

Keep it Fresh!

Tired of hunting for a twisty to keep your open bag of chips fresh?  Keep a few clothes pins on hand instead.   They’re great for closing chip bags, cereal bags, cracker bags, any bag!