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Perfect Place Home MakeOvers

~ Helping to Create a New Look for Your Home

If you want your home to have a fresh new look without a big-budget price tag, then a Perfect Place Home MakeOver is perfect for you!

A Perfect Place Home MakeOver centers around using the furniture and accents you already own, in fresh and exciting new ways. Do you have something special you’d like to showcase in a room?  What overall look best fits your lifestyle? What colors perk your interest? Leah shows you how to decorate your life with the things you love everyday.

Schedule a day with Leah and get hands-on help with…

  • Designing your rooms with style and flair
  • Nature inspired touches and textures
  • Practical, yet comfy and cozy furniture arrangements
  • Attractive groupings of your favorite pictures and accents, for a   thoughtful cohesive look
  • Creative display of your cherished collections, family photos, and heirlooms
  • Helpful organization and storage techniques
  • Problem solving tips that can smooth over just about any decorating dilemma

Click here to see a Perfect Place Home MakeOver Photo Album.

Contact Leah Fritz today, and learn how a creative day of decorating can rejuvenate both you and your home.


“I have to admit; before you came I had a lot of extra stuff throughout my house.  Your makeover convinced me to never allow myself to get so cluttered again!  Now I’m so pleased with my home and enjoy each room’s simple open feeling.  I don’t think I will ever put so much stuff out on a counter top, or in a china cabinet, ever again.  Thank you for everything Leah!”

~Kathy Knore