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~ Preparing Show Quality Homes for Today’s Real Estate World

Selling a home can be stressful and overwhelming due to all the uncontrollable factors that affect today’s real estate world. It’s true, you can’t control the market, but you CAN control how your home looks when it’s on the market. Property appearance and condition play a big role in the home sale process and taking the time to prepare your home for sale can greatly affect how fast it sells and also your profitability.

Leah Fritz of Perfect Place Home Staging is in the business of helping home sellers properly prepare and stage their homes to sell.

What is Home Staging? What does Leah Fritz do?

Home Staging is basically a marketing tool geared towards effective presentation. It’s about getting your home ready to show at its absolute best because the better a house shows the faster it will sell and often for a nice price.

If you’re currently living in your for-sale home, staging often addresses the furniture arrangements, room-to-room flow, and the overall feel of your house.   If you’re selling a vacant house, Leah Fritz can source needed furniture, artwork and accents to stage your property for sale.

Why Leah Fritz of Perfect Place Home Staging?

Leah Fritz specializes in seeing a house through the eyes of a critical home buyer. She considers your home objectively and provides insightful recommendations that can give you an edge in the market and set you apart from the competition.  Best of all, Perfect Place Home Staging offers an wide range of options that makes staging to sell practical and affordable.

Ready to put the power of home staging to work for you and your home?  Contact Leah Fritz, and schedule your Home Staging Info-Session today!